I never thought someone will visit this page but here you are! If you are facing any trouble, you can send me an email or DM on Insta.

Why I created this website and How I am running it?

I was learning PHP so I thought it would be great if I can create a fun website! I got the idea to make this one after I saw something similar in my friend's WhatsApp story. I thought it will be easy to make using PHP but I was wrong!

Note: This is just a Hobby project and not a company. I made and run this website alone.

Initially, the website was full of bugs but I still uploaded it to a free server so that my friends can use it. When some of my friends started using it, I started working on it more and more, fixing issues, and bugs.

I launched this website on 5th September 2019, and until 15th Sept, only my friends were using it. Then a few of my good friends like Suvro, Malkhandi and others started promoting it.

Next day I had like 600+ users. Things grew from there and now my website receives more than a 100k page views every day.

Thanks a lot! This motivates me a lot to ditch procrastination and start working on something people will enjoy!

I am currently spending a lot of money on servers, so there are a lot of ads on my website.

Anything I earn from this website goes towards my Education. I try to support under priviledged students too.

This website is just for fun! I really hope you people are enjoying it!

If you like what I am doing, send me a coffee or tea - Buy me a coffee!.